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Welcome to TowerHill Wealth Management

The History of TowerHill

Founded in St. Louis Missouri by Hal Kroeger in 1997, TowerHill was the natural progression for a lifelong entrepreneur faced with the challenge of managing the assets gained from the sale of his business. The firm’s name comes from Tower Hill Road in Briarcliff, New York, which ascends a billion-year-old granite escarpment providing commanding views of the Hudson Valley from West Point to the Manhattan skyline. Hal’s parents built their dream home atop this bluff in 1970, and the Firm’s name honors Hal A. Kroeger Sr., who taught Hal the importance of doing business the right way.

From our vantage point in St. Louis, Missouri, the ‘gateway to the west’, TowerHill sits strategically in the middle of the United States, where we strive to provide a center of information and ideas for our partners and families. Our state’s motto ‘show-me’ echoes our own belief that fundamental research and information transparency remain the most effective tools for discerning truth from fiction.

Our logo, the 280-foot clock tower of Union Station, once the world’s busiest train station, pays homage to the importance of rail in connecting the new ideas of the American frontier to the political and economic infrastructure of the eastern seaboard. Like the frontier settlers, who made St. Louis the embarkation point for travels to both the unknown west and the civilized east, we look for new opportunities while also maintaining ties to long-established conventions.

TowerHill Market Outlook